​​We understand the importance of protecting the environment and the impact of climate changes. By assisting the bullion industry to recycle, recast and reuse, we are moving towards a sustainable and  a greener society.

In addition to our bullion business, YLG is one of the largest “scrap gold” buyers in Singapore. With our strong financial capability and good reputation, our customers have no problem entrusting their “scrap gold” with us, knowing that it will be handled professionally and in good value.

The term “scrap gold” refers to gold that is sent to a refiner to be melted down and recycled.  “Scrap gold” comes in different forms, for example old gold jewelleries that are already out of fashion and old gold coins and bars that were damaged or tarnished over time but still contain high purity of gold.
Upon receiving these scraps, to maintain our high quality and service standard, YLG  always sends to reputable LBMA accredited refineries to refine and recast into gold bars. This arrangement has given assurance to our customers of reliability and trust.

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